Breast Mammogram: What it is and how it’s done?

While breast exams are very important, breast tumors and abnormalities can often be found with a mammogram before any of these signs appear. That is why mammograms are very important. To further evaluate abnormal mammograms, diagnosis is done using breast ultrasound. It helps to detect if the abnormality is solid or fluid-filled. At Al Zahra Oncology Center in Dubai, we offer both mammogram screening and abnormal breast ultrasound diagnosis facilities to patients.

A mammogram is a special x-ray of the breast in which each breast is examined separately by gently compressing it between two flat plates while the pictures are taken. Only very low doses of radiation are used. They can be uncomfortable, but mammograms are a woman’s most important protection against breast cancer. The most important thing a woman aged 40 or older can do to find breast cancer early is to have a mammogram every year.

Abnormal Mammogram Diagnosis Dubai

Mammogram Screening & Abnormal Breast Ultrasound Diagnosis at Al Zahra Dubai

Mammogram screenings are usually not done in women younger than 40 because breast tissue in younger women is too dense to give a good X-ray image. A mammogram makes it possible to see tumors long before they can be felt by you or even a skilled doctor or nurse. Sometimes the x-ray will show tiny pieces of calcium in the breast called microcalcifications. Most abnormal findings on a mammogram are not breast cancer but in some cases, they can be a sign of a precancerous condition. When the findings look like it might be breast cancer, our specialists at Dubai-based HMS Mirdif Hospital may recommend you to undergo an abnormal breast ultrasound or MRI scan.

Other imaging techniques, such as ultrasounds and MRIs, can also help.

If problems are detected, a woman will be called back for an abnormal mammogram diagnosis, additional screening, or biopsy. It is important to have these tests, but not to panic since the results often don’t show cancer