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What is Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counseling is when you talk to a helper who knows a lot about genes. They can explain if there is a chance you could give a gene problem to your kids. They can help you decide if genetic testing is right for you and what to do with the results.

Genetic counseling is when a person helps you understand if your future children might have a health problem. They look at your family’s medical history and talk about genetic testing. It’s not for people who have already had a child with a health problem. They can also give you support and help you make decisions.

Role of Genetic Counseling

  1. Helps families understand genetic risks
  2. Provides information on genetic testing options
  3. Assesses the likelihood of a genetic condition being passed down
  4. Supports emotional well-being
  5. Helps with decision-making about family planning
  6. Refers individuals to appropriate medical specialists as needed

Process of Genetic Counseling

  1. You make an appointment to see a genetic counselor.
  2. The counselor will ask you about your family’s medical history.
  3. You and your counselor will talk about your concerns and questions about genetic risks.
  4. You might get a genetic test to check for certain conditions.
  5. The counselor will help you understand the test results and what they mean for you and your family.
  6. Together, you and your counselor will decide on a plan for your future healthcare.

Reasons for Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is important for many reasons:

Family History

 If someone in your family has a gene problem, genetic counseling can help figure out if you might get it too. 

Planning a Pregnancy

If a mommy and daddy want to have a baby, genetic counseling can help them know if their baby could have a gene problem. The helper can suggest what they can do to reduce the risk. 

Prenatal Testing

If you’re going to have a baby, genetic counseling can help you figure out if you want to do a special test while you’re pregnant. The helper can also explain what to do with the results of the test. 

Cancer Risk

 Genetic counseling can help someone know how likely they are to get some kind of cancer and make good choices about their health. 

Carrier Screening

Genetic counseling can help people know if they could give a gene problem to their kids, and how likely it is. 

What genetic counselors do?

  1. Help people understand their risk of passing on genetic conditions to their children
  2. Provide information about genetic testing and explain what the results mean
  3. Discuss options for managing and treating genetic conditions
  4. Offer emotional support and guidance for individuals and families facing genetic concerns
  5. Connect individuals with appropriate medical specialists and resources
  6. Educate healthcare providers and the public about genetics and genetic testing
  7. Help people make informed decisions about family planning and reproductive options
  8. Advocate for individuals and families affected by genetic conditions.


What Happens in Genetic Counseling? 

During genetic counseling, you talk with a helper who knows a lot about genes. They ask about your family’s health history and explain if there is a chance you could give a gene problem to your kids. They can help you decide if you want genetic testing and what to do with the results. 

What Are the Options After Genetic Counseling?

 People who have had genetic counseling may have a range of choices available to them based on their personal situation. 

Option 1: Genetic testing

One option is to undergo genetic testing. This can help to determine if there is a genetic condition present and what the risks may be for passing it on to future generations.

Option 2: Lifestyle changes

You can also make changes in how you live to lower the risk of some gene problems. For example, you can eat healthy foods, be more active, and avoid things in the environment that could make some gene problems worse. 

Option 3: Family planning

If someone wants to have children, they can think about different ways to do it. They can adopt a child, use someone else’s sperm or egg, or get help with especially making a baby and testing it for gene problems first. 

Option 4: No action

 Some people might not do anything and watch how they feel for any signs of a gene problem. 

 Remember, it’s up to each person to decide what to do after genetic counseling, based on their own situation. 

What is genetic counseling for pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, she may talk to a special doctor called a genetic counselor. They can help her and the baby’s other parents learn about the chances of their baby having a genetic problem. The counselor can also tell you about tests that can check if your baby has any genetic issues before it is born. They can also talk to the parents about what they can do if the baby does have a genetic condition. Genetic counseling for pregnancy can help parents get ready for their baby’s health.

Why genetic testing during pregnancy?

Getting genetic testing during pregnancy helps parents find out if their baby has a genetic problem. If they do, parents can get ready and make a plan to take care of their baby. It can also help doctors give better care to the baby before and after they are born.

 8 reasons why genetic counseling is important

  1. Helps people learn about genetic conditions and how they are inherited.
  2. Assists in determining the likelihood of having a genetic condition or passing one to children.
  3. Provides information on genetic testing options and what the results mean.
  4. Helps individuals and families make informed decisions about medical care and treatment.
  5. Provides emotional support for individuals and families dealing with genetic conditions.
  6. Helps identify potential risks for future pregnancies and options to manage those risks.
  7. Helps individuals understand the impact of their genetic condition on family members.
  8. Helps individuals understand the benefits and risks of genetic research and clinical trials.

Sources for Genetic Counseling in Abu Dhabi

Here are some sources for genetic counseling in Abu Dhabi: