breast reconstruction surgery in dubai

Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction surgery blends the updated plastic surgery method with breast surgical oncology. When a large lumpectomy is needed, that will make the breast crooked, the leftover tissue is sculpted to realign the nipple and areola & restore a natural look to the breast shape. The other breast will also be changed to develop symmetry. Dr. Huma Darr is the best doctor for Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai.

This is a great alternative for patients who are the applicant for breast conservation therapy or lumpectomy and are also an applicant for breast reduction or mastopexy (breast lift).

oncoplastic breast surgery dubai | Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

These high standards difficult cases are discussed by high caliber MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM including Plastic surgeons, Radiologist, Pathologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Surgical oncologist, Supportive team and, who meet on a weekly regular basis to discuss all oncology cases and provide the patient with the standard, high caliber treatment protocols.

What Tissue Expanders?

This may be a common 2-stage methodThe primary arrangement is the situating of a tissue expander in a pocket shaped within the breast after mastectomy. The expander could be saline (saltwater) or silicone-filled balloon that slowly swelled over a handful of weeks or months to permit breast muscles and skin to extend to the required breast measureThis can be at that point supplanted by the lasting embed, which can too be filled with either silicone or saline.
This preparatory method is done to guarantee cosmetically alluring results and maintain a strategic distance from the chance of it bursting out through the surgical cut or skin itself. This strategy is recommended for ladies with little to medium-sized breasts with mellow ptosis (droop), experiencing respective mastectomy, and having solid mastectomy folds. The results may not be so favorable for ladies who are stout, have huge breasts, smokers or those who have had breast radiotherapy.


The procedure was done by Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Head and neck reconstruction:

    • Mandibular reconstruction with free fibula flap
    • Tongue reconstruction with radial forearm flap
    • The floor of mouth reconstruction radial forearm flap
    • Midface reconstruction
    • Nasal reconstruction
    • Ear reconstruction
    • Scalp reconstruction
    • Eyelid reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

    • Breast reconstruction with DIEP flap
    • Breast reconstruction with pedicled TRAM flap
    • Breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flap
    • Breast reconstruction with a silicone implant

Body and trunk reconstruction

    • Anterior abdominal wall reconstruction
    • Perineum reconstruction
    • Back reconstruction
    • Myelomeningocele reconstruction in pediatric
    • Pressure ulcer reconstruction
    • Lower limb reconstruction
    • Upper limb reconstruction