Breast Cancer Symptoms


Early breast cancer is usually-but not always- painless. In its very early stages, it’s too small to find by feeling the breast. As it grows larger it feels like a lump or thickening. Remember: Most breast lumps are not cancer. There’s only one way to know for sure. See a doctor about any changes in your breasts. Breast cancer can occur anywhere in the breast.

Breast Cancer Symptoms Dubai

Some signs to watch for are: 

• A lump or thickening anywhere in the breast
• Skin dimpling or puckering of the breast
• A nipple that is pushed in (inverted) and hasn’t always been that way
• Discharge from the nipples that comes out by itself, staining your clothing
• Any change in the shape, texture (raised, thickened or scaly skin, for example) or color of the skin.
• Enlarging lymph glands