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How To Make Your Body Accept Changes After Mastectomy

Making your body accustomed to changes after you’ve undergone breast surgery or mastectomy is the hardest thing. The changes you undergo not only impact you physically but also emotionally. It takes years, not even months or days to find love and accept your all-new body. The department of Female Surgery UAE at Al Zahra Hospital provides the best breast cancer treatments in Dubai. They not only guide the patient about the surgery but also help them accept their body after a mastectomy.

Following are the tips on how to make your body accept changes:


Although the most difficult part, yet it is you yourself who have to love and accept your body first. Therefore, following breast cancer surgery, stand in front of the mirror and boldly see the changes and the scars on your body. Chemo would have changed you so much that you’ll not able to recognize yourself. It will take time to truly accept the change and able to move forward to once again lead the life of redemption.


It is very hard to accept the physical change and move on to lead a healthy life by nurturing it from within. But ultimately, you have to make a gradual shift to bring about the changes in mental state. Eat better, exercise more and give your ‘me’ time more emphasis. All these things will take away your complete fixation over the external physical changes. You will start feeling fuelled from inside.


Many females after undergoing breast surgery, think of breast reconstruction so as to get that perfect look once again. Here’s a suggestion: instead of changing the body, change the outfit. Look for the professional boutique that supplies post-surgery, prosthesis and mastectomy bras. These pocketed bras tailor-made as per your requirement are sure to give you the all-natural feel and look.


When all fails, don’t lose hope. Look from the eyes of those who admire you, support you, loves you and see you through a different sight. Their words of encouragement might help you see yourself from a different light and all-new context. It’s completely OK to need this reassurance and support from others. Surround yourself with people who help you see your inner beauty and strength.


Finding love and acceptance for your new body takes time. Even when years would have passed, you’ll be in doubt and will hate your body some time. In those dark moments, remind yourself, it is OK. Don’t lose hope and keep your will power strong. There will be many high tides and low tides in life but you’re worth it. You’re worthy of love and acceptance.

Al Zahra Hospital is one of the most renowned breast cancer treatment hospitals in Dubai, known for providing high-quality services to all its cancer survivors.

breast cancer treatment in Dubai

Types of Benign Breast Lumps and Conditions

Female breasts are made up of fibrous connective tissues, blood vessels, intricate milk producing system of lobules and ducts and fat. This anatomy together creates a lumpy structure. A breast lump is much different from these normal irregularities. Harmless breast lumps are generally solid and unmovable, but if the lump moves, is soft to touch and filled with fluid, then it can be dangerous.

breast cancer treatment in dubai

The size of the breast cancer lump varies from patient to patient. Also, the breast cancer does not usually come with pain, but benign conditions do. If you feel any such moving lump in your breast or know anyone with such problem, then schedule an instant appointment with Female Surgeon UAE at Al Zahra Hospital for the best breast cancer treatment in Dubai.

There are variety of benign breast lumps and conditions a female can suffer from. They are:

Fibrocystic Changes – This is the most commonly occurring benign breast condition that affects at least half of all women. Symptoms include tender, fibrous rubbery tissue, and fluid-filled cyst. These changes are related to hormonal dysfunction and might increase as you approach middle age and then suddenly disappear after menopause. Your doctor might conduct biopsy to ensure that this is fibrocystic change and not cancer. You may be asked to take some hormones in the form of medication.

Nipple Discharge – You may experience nipple discharge whether you have a breast lump or not. When the color of the nipple discharge is from yellow to green, then it is due to benign fibrocystic condition. While the clear to milky discharge is due to hormonal malfunction. If the discharge is in blood color, then can be a symptom of cancer. A red discharge can also mean infection or benign tumor.

Cysts – Likewise fibrocystic changes, cysts are round oval sacs which can be 1-2 inches long, filled with fluid. They may come and go with the monthly menstrual cycle. Your doctor might advise you to undergo an ultrasound or a few tests to determine whether it is cyst or something else. In very rare cases, these cysts can take the form of cancer.

All breast lumps should be evaluated by medical professionals only. The team of experienced doctors at Female Surgery UAE of Al Zahra Hospital – one of the most renowned breast cancer treatment hospitals in Dubaioffers minimally invasive breast cancer treatment in Dubai if the breast lump has been detected as cancer.

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These Foods Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Dietary changes can transform your lifestyle and safeguard you from many diseases. There’s no specific food that can cause or prevent breast cancer. But, few dietary changes can help reduce the overall risk of breast cancer. If you’re concerned about your risk of breast cancer, schedule an appointment at Al Zahara’s Female Surgeon Dept. that specializes in providing high quality breast cancer treatment in Dubai at an affordable range. But, above all dietary changes is the first step!!

Here are the drinks, fruits and vegetables that can help prevent breast cancer:

DRINKS – Two drinks that can significantly help prevent breast cancer are Green Tea and Pomegranate Juice.

  • Green tea not only helps in weight loss and blood pressure management but also helps in cancer prevention. Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants – polyphenol and catechins. It protects cells from DNA damage caused by free radicals. There’s no harm in adding a cup of green tea to your daily routine.
  • Pomegranate Juice is also rich in polyphenols. Therefore, it can be termed as a preventive tool that has the potential to prevent certain cancers including breast cancer. However, if you have diabetes, talk with your doctor prior adding a pomegranate juice to your diet for it is typically high in sugar and may affect your blood glucose level.

VEGETABLES – Two types of vegetables that can significantly help prevent breast cancer are Cruciferous and green leafy vegetables

  • Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, kale and cabbage are a few vegetables that are ideally rich in antioxidant vitamins such as C, E, and K, and are high in fiber. They are also a rich source of glucosinolates, a type of chemical that has cancer-fighting properties.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, mustard, turnip and green beets are a powerhouse of nutrition and fiber. They are typically rich in antioxidants and fiber which makes them potent anticancer tools.


To help prevent breast cancer avoid food containing isoflavones. These naturally occurring chemicals are similar in structure to the hormone estrogen. They work on the same sites where the estrogen does, however, the outcome is very much different. Isoflavone foods may raise breast cancer risk.

If you’re currently on a diet that contains the high amount of isoflavones foods, limit your intake or discuss the same with the healthcare provider. After assessing your overall health, they’ll be able to guide you better about what foods you need to avoid.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for they might increase your risk for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. 


It’s a known fact that whatever you eat affects your health. Diet and nutrition plays a vital role in the prevention and fight against breast cancer. Eating healthy is important.

Make sure to schedule an appointment at Female Surgeon UAE mammograms and breast sonograms. If you’ve been diagnosed the same, at Al Zahara the team of board certified doctors provide the best breast cancer treatment in Dubai.

breast cancer treatment

An Overview of the Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is increasing at an alarming rate across the globe. Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. But at the same time, it is also important to learn what type of breast cancer you actually have. Breast cancer can begin in any area of the breast such as ducts, the lobules, or in some cases, the tissue in between. There are many types of breast cancer, however, the most common types are ductal carcinoma in situ, invasive ductal carcinoma, and invasive lobular carcinoma.

At Al Zahara hospital in Dubai, the doctors provide suitable breast cancer treatment to make the patient fully recover and live her life peacefully. The breast cancer treatment hospitals in Dubai use the following terms to describe the extent of cancer: In situ – means the breast cancers that do not spread. Other is the Invasive or infiltrating cancers – which spreads into the surrounding breast tissue.

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ – This non-invasive breast cancer starts inside the milk-producing glands of the breast and does not spread beyond the milk duct into any normal surrounding breast tissue.

Invasive Breast Cancer – In this type of cancer, the cancer cells spread into surrounding breast tissue. The most common invasive breast cancer is called invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – This type of invasive breast cancer is not so common. It accounts for only 1% to 5% of all breast cancers.

Paget disease of the nipple – Paget disease of the nipple begins in the breast ducts and spread to the skin of the nipple and then to the areola. Such type of problem is rare and accounts for only about 1-3% of all cases of breast cancer.

Phyllodes Tumor – Phyllodes tumor is a very rare type of breast cancer. Unlike carcinomas that develop in the ducts and lobules, they develop in the connective tissue of the breast. Most are benign, but there are others that are malignant (cancer).

Metastatic Breast Cancer – Also known as Stage 4, metastatic breast cancer is the one that has spread to other parts of the body namely liver, bones, brain and lungs. But this does not mean you’ll become hopeless. Even at this stage of breast cancer, many people continue to live a productive and healthy life for years to come.

Angiosarcoma – Sarcomas of the breast accounts for 1% of all types of breast cancers. They begin developing in cells that line blood vessels or lymph vessels.  It can also include the breast tissue or the skin of the breast.

The above mentioned types of breast cancer are treated diligently by the team of board certified doctors in the breast cancer treatment hospitals in Dubai. The breast cancer treatment in Dubai at Al Zahara hospital is carried out using minimally invasive technique and at an affordable price.