anal fissure treatment in dubai

Anal Fissure Treatment in Dubai

Welcome to our clinic in Dubai where we provide the best expert treatment for those facing pain due to Anal Fissures. With the offer of one of the most famous female surgeons in the UAE, our team is committed to the purpose and the offered healing possibilities. If perhaps you are suffering from this condition such as anal fissures then be sure to get a great relief here.

Understanding Anal Fissures

There are some pathological conditions arising in the rectum area and anal fissures are one of them – it is a tear in the lower part of the rectum and it can be very painful during defecation. It is mostly experienced whenever; constipation, hard stools or straining while attempting to defecate is taken as a norm. Some of the signs and symptoms include sharp pains in the vagina, which is also associated with blood staining or itching. Therefore when anal fissures are left unchecked they form what are referred to as chronic anal fissures and are more formidable to treat.

Anal Fissure Treatment in Dubai

Anal fissures are a common ailment that is treated at our clinic; we have a selection of treatments that delve into the different facets of a patient’s needs. It should be also noted that we always bring in minimally invasive approaches to minimize the level of discomfort and fully facilitate the process of healing after the treatment.

anal fissure treatment in dubaiWhat are the symptoms of an anal fissure?

  • Pain on passing feces, which might persist for minutes or hours afterward. The pain is typically sharp and knife-like rather than an ache.
  • Bright-red bleeding when you pass feces.
  • If the fissure is long-standing, a skin tag at the site of the fissure can develop.

What are the treatments for an anal fissure?

Non-Surgical Treatments

For acute or less severe anal fissures, we often start with non-surgical treatments:

  • Dietary Changes: This involves increasing fiber consumption to make stool less hard and thus reduce the instances one would strain themselves.
  • Medications: Analgesics and anaesthetics; analgesics to numb the affected area and relax the muscles of the anus.
  • Botox Injections: They can help to reduce the tension of the muscles around the fissure which in return enhances healing.


Surgical Treatments

In cases where conservative measures fail to alleviate the pain or if the pain is very severe and persistent, one may have to undergo surgery. Our leading female surgeon is highly skilled in advanced surgical techniques:

  • Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS): An intervention that can be used to remove pressure off the anal fissure in order to promote healing.
  • Fissurectomy: Surgery where the surgeon cuts the area with the grape-like appearance and reconstructs it so that proper healing with new tissues will occur.


Among all the possible services, we can also offer one of the most modern – laser treatments. This minimally invasive procedure offers several benefits:

  • Precision: Laser treatment is more complex and useful because it enables the surgeon to remove the fissure without harming surrounding tissue.
  • Quick Recovery: These patients also tend to have shorter hospital stays as well have less amount of pain that is associated with the operation.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications: Laser treatment definitely has reduced chances of infection and many other complications that may arise from the regular surgery.


Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Female Surgeon

We also have the best specialist in Dubai for anal fissure surgery experienced in performing the procedures. We bring a professional background in nursing, lots of understanding, and approachable personality to the practice, making everyone welcome and well-informed during your therapy session.


  • State-of-the-Art Facility

Our clinic is strictly up to date with the latest technology, and this means that you will be accorded the best treatment and care possible. The implementation of sophisticated customer care and use of the modern means of diagnosis and treatment are the principal points of the Female Surgeon UAE.


  • Personalized Care

We realize the importance of being patient-centered in order to meet the particular needs of each client. It is for this reason that we are able to provide each and every one of our patients with individualized treatment programs that are designed in accordance with the patient’s condition and choice. Understanding that you may have different options for your healthcare or what your insurance will cover, we exercise patience to hear your concerns and let you know all your options.


Fissure In Anus Treatment Cost in Dubai

The cost of treating anal fissure depends on various factors, and the treatment regimen that your doctor establishes. For services offered at our clinic, our charges are clearly indicated to ensure patients do not experience any hidden charges during the process. When we are through with initial consultation we will give a breakdown of the expenses, so you will not end up in the middle of the treatment shocked at how much the service will cost you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What causes anal fissures?

Fissures in the anus will usually develop from trauma, for instance in the course of straining during defecation, are related to constipation, diarrhoea or passage of hard stool. Others are cervical cancer, childbirth, inflammatory bowel diseases, and certain infections.


  • What are the symptoms of anal fissures?

Symptoms may include: stinging or burning at the time of defecation as well as after it; rectal bleeding where you see bright red blood on the stool or on the toilet paper; pain on the outside of the anus, including itching; and a tear, or fissure, in the skin around the anus, which may be discovered during a doctor’s examination.


  • How can an anal fissure be diagnosed?

These include physical examinations of the anal area: diagnosis is usually made physically. If further investigation is warranted, other procedures like anoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy may be required to exclude other causes of the presenting condition.


  • What is the recovery time for anal fissure surgery?

Recovery time differs with surgery type and patient, so one cannot categorically say that recovery time is long. Normally, after laser treatment, the patient may experience slight discomfort, and should be able to go back to his or her normal state of activities in the following few days to one week, unlike traditional surgery where the recovery period may span for several weeks.


  • Is Laser therapy appropriate for the treatment of an anal fissure?

Yes, laser treatment is safe moreover efficient for treatment of anal fissures. Lap surgery has several advantages over conventional surgery such as minimal pain, shorter hospital stay, less risk of postoperative complications, and shorter time to return to work or other activities.


  • Can anal fissures be a recurring problem after a person has them treated?

Though this can be treated with high success, there is the possibility of the condition recurring in a worse way if some of the root causes are not dealt with. The avoidance of foods that are difficult to pass, plenty of water intake, and never forcing himself to defecate should also be observed in order to avoid a repeat case.


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