anal fissure treatment in dubai

Anal Fissure Treatment in Dubai

An anal fissure is a split in the skin at the opening of the anus, which leaves exposed some of the muscle fibers of the anal canal. Pain results from the recurrent opening of the wound when the bowels are opened, and it is often accompanied by bleeding. In addition, the inner circle of muscle in the anal canal (called the internal sphincter) goes into spasm: this makes the pain worse and can prevent healing. Anal fissures are different from hemorrhoids and have no relationship with cancer.

anal fissure treatment in dubaiWhat are the symptoms of an anal fissure?

  • Pain on passing feces, which might persist for minutes or hours afterward. The pain is typically sharp and knife-like rather than an ache.
  • Bright-red bleeding when you pass feces.
  • If the fissure is long-standing, a skin tag at the site of the fissure can develop.

What are the treatments for an anal fissure?

  • A high-fiber diet: By eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of water (6-10 glasses a day), you should aim to keep your motions soft. Sometimes a fiber supplement (such as Fybogel) can help.
  • Baths: An ‘ordinary’ 15-minute bath in water as warm as you can tolerate several times daily (or as often as you require) can be very soothing and provide several hours of pain relief.

At HMS Mirdif Oncology Center in Dubai, we have board-certified doctors who are experienced in conducting anal fissure treatment. Our Tumor Board and its multi-disciplinary team work together to offer personalized care to the patients coming to Dubai, UAE, and MENA for anal fistula treatment.

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